Dual enrollment’s spring term opens on January 2, 2018 giving high school students with at least a 3.0 GPA the opportunity to earn college credit from a selection of the University of Nebraska High School’s courses. While UNHS courses can be enrolled in at any time and students may begin at any time, the college we have partnered with, the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO), has specific terms during which students can earn their college credit. As such, students must already be enrolled in the high school section of an eligible UNHS course when they apply for dual enrollment with UNO. It is then during that term that the course must be completed to earn college credit.

Registration for UNO’s spring term begins January 2 and lasts through March 16, 2018. Once the dual enrollment application has been approved, students earning credit during this term must complete their coursework by May 25, 2018. Visit this UNO web page in the next registration period to create an account and submit an application. Once submitted, UNHS will contact a student’s local high school for GPA verification if the student is not a UNHS diploma student.