Once you reach the first Progress Test in your course, the WayCool course management system will instruct you to contact your proctor to make arrangements to take the test. But what if you haven’t designated a proctor yet or don’t know what a proctor is?

Proctors can be current or retired teachers, counselors, librarians, extension educators, or other community figures who are approved to administer closed-book progress tests with UNHS. If you are a student with another school and plan to transfer the credit you earn, please have an administrator or counselor fill out and return to us a Local School Approval Form. If you are a UNHS diploma student, you can use the Proctor Information Form and we will look into approving the proctor you designate. You can also use these forms to change or switch proctors.

Please note that you can submit proctor information at the time of enrollment. However, if you add or change proctor information in your UNHS Store account without ordering courses, UNHS staff will not be able to see those changes. You will need to submit a form instead.

Visit this web page for more information about proctors. As always, please contact UNHS Customer Service with any questions you may have. We are available Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central Time at 402-472-3388 or highschool@nebraska.edu.