Accountability is a skill like any other – it takes effort and practice to develop. Personal accountability is something UNHS encourages in each of its students because we know it will serve them well both in their educational journeys and into their adult lives. Here are some qualities of accountable students and some tips for those who want to improve their accountability as they interact with UNHS.

Students who have accountability skills:

  • Plan ahead to set themselves up for success.
  • Are able to pace their learning and meet their academic goals.
  • Follow directions on UNHS forms, assignments, and requests for assistance.
  • Communicate with politeness and are patient.

Specific tips for improving accountability with UNHS:

  • Allow 3-5 business days for all grading of written work.
  • Allow 3-5 business days for the completion of The Common Application Secondary School Report and recommendation letters.
  • Complete a Transcript Request Form two weeks before the transcript is needed.*
  • Know that all services are completed by UNHS staff in the order received.

*We strongly encourage transcript requests to be made online from Once registered, transcripts can be ordered and delivered electronically.