In today’s society students need to begin developing employment skills when they are in high school. They should focus on:

Many of these characteristics can be gained through successful completion of University of Nebraska High School courses.

In this article, we will focus on problem-solving & decision-making.

All businesses face challenges and competition on a daily basis from their industry, environment, competitors, etc. An employee must know how to identify the competitive activity, recognize their own strengths and weaknesses and make a strategic plan to avoid these concerns. Additionally, you need skills to know how to deal with conflict, low morale and even costly mistakes made by co-workers.

UNHS encourages students to apply decision-making skills through activities within their courses. When making a decision, whether in your course or at work, you are simply choosing from among alternatives.

Make notes and keep your ideas visible, so you can consider all of the relevant information in the making of a decision. Be sure to choose your answers based on facts and not inferences. When you feel you have multiple right answers, write down the pros and cons of the choices. This will help you clarify your thinking and create the makings of a better decision.

If you have truly studied your course and completed all activities, trust yourself to make a good decision. Once you have made the decision and have started moving forward, put the “what if’s” aside, and do your assignment with commitment.

As a learner and an employee you may be wrong sometimes, but learn from your mistakes, adjust and move forward with conviction.

Sharpen your skills with UNHS Career and Technical courses.