In today’s society students need to begin developing employment skills when they are in high school.

They should focus on:

Many of these characteristics can be gained through successful completion of University of Nebraska High School courses.

In this article, we will focus on technology skills.

Since the world of technology is so vast and constantly changing, it is impossible for students to become competent in every aspect. But it is certain that employees must have the basics necessary to perform their jobs, including a variety of technical skills. Technology is no longer a separate component within the world of work—it is embedded in nearly every aspect of our lives.

For some jobs working with technology may involve simple processing, but for others it may include more complex endeavors such as factory automation, robotics and medical diagnostics.

Completing online high school and college courses is a great first step to becoming more comfortable using various technologies such as:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Internet search engines and resources
  • Communication tools such as e-mail and video chat
  • Much more

Although UNHS courses require students to use technology skills for online learning, specific courses such as Introduction to Technology and Introduction to Web Design focus on helping students explore various fields.

Like anything, learning and understanding various technologies takes curiosity and practice.

If you have a specific career field you are interested in, start exploring what you will need to gain to be successful. Then research these skills and begin trying out various concepts.

Online research will not only give you great results, but will also help you build your skill set in the process. You could also search for local in-person courses or read literature. But remember, technology changes rapidly, so just because you learn something once, doesn’t mean you stop there.

Beyond basic research, participate in webinars and follow organizations and news outlets on social media, so you can stay on top of emerging trends and the latest news.