Nearly 200 students representing 28 countries and 32 states will graduate from the University of Nebraska High School (UNHS), the University’s fully online, accredited high school, on Friday, June 14, 2019. The graduating class includes 26 Nebraska students. The class of 2019 represents the 90th anniversary of the high school’s existence within the University.

The graduation ceremony is at 2 p.m. Friday in the City Campus Student Union Ballroom on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln campus. The event will be live-streamed. At least 14 graduates, including students representing six U.S. states and one student from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, are expected to attend.

“Graduation is an exciting time for students, families and all of us at UNHS,” said Barbara Wolf Shousha, director of the University of Nebraska High School. “Each year, we look forward to meeting students and celebrating their accomplishments. This year is especially noteworthy in that they are graduating as we celebrate 90 years of operation for the University of Nebraska High School. We are proud to have these students as part of our history and are certain we have prepared them for a successful future.”

The University of Nebraska High School, established in 1929, offers 120 online core, elective, Advanced Placement®, NCAA-approved, and dual enrollment courses to students in Nebraska and around the world. UNHS was one of the first accredited online high schools to offer a full diploma sequence online. Students may complete their entire high school education with UNHS or take courses for transfer to local schools. Throughout its history, UNHS graduates have been accepted into hundreds of colleges and universities worldwide, such as the University of Nebraska, Brown University, Pepperdine University, the University of Vienna, and many institutions in the Big Ten.

“In talking and communicating with UNHS students and parents each day, I have a deep appreciation for the critical role UNHS plays in students’ lives,” said Hugh McDermott, principal of the University of Nebraska High School. “UNHS is such a good fit for the many different and amazing situations that come to us. Students and parents seek out UNHS because they get a good, strong and viable college prep curriculum, which in turn prepares them for their next step into post-secondary education. UNHS’s mission has not changed in its 90-year history – delivering high quality curriculum and instructional courses to a greatly diversified group of students all over the world. We are proud of our history and pleased to be able to continue to offer students more choices and opportunities.”

As the University strives to contribute to higher graduation and college-going rates in Nebraska, growing resident enrollment is a key goal for the high school. UNHS has served nearly 3,000 students in the past year, 25% of whom are Nebraskans. Students can enroll in UNHS courses at any time of the year and courses may be completed on a self-paced schedule ranging from five to 52 weeks. UNHS also provides instructional support, academic advising, and administrative and customer service assistance to students and schools.

The University of Nebraska High School attracts students from diverse backgrounds. Many students have demanding extracurricular activities that make a traditional high school schedule too restrictive, including students who participate in competitive athletics and performing arts programs. Some students are homeschooled and find that UNHS courses offer the breadth and rigor they desire in a curriculum. Others take online courses because certain subjects and staff resources are not available at their local high school.

One of this year’s graduates, Alexandra (Allie) Koch of Hobart, Ind., liked the quantity and depth of course offerings at UNHS. “I found myself able to take courses not offered at my public school, and the courses I did take were incredibly detailed,” said Koch. “Transferring to UNHS gave me such a unique experience and I grew into a much better person because of my time here,” she added.

Another 2019 graduate, William Johnson of Lincoln, Neb., appreciated the flexibility that UNHS offered him to complete his high school education after he moved back to Nebraska from the east coast. He was able to use some time in his flexible schedule to work and save money for college. Johnson will be attending the University of Nebraska–Lincoln this fall where he earned several scholarships, including the Nebraska Achievement, Husker Traditions, and Husker Living and Learning Scholarship. “UNHS gave me a good sense of working through classes on my own, imitating what my college experience will be like,” said Johnson.

2019 UNHS graduate David Roger Jr., also of Lincoln, Neb., wanted to complete his coursework at his own pace and still be in a program that is accredited. Roger has been homeschooled for most of his education and is a firm believer in participating in activities in one’s community. Roger encourages other students, “Get out there! Go experience the world and find your passion. Whether it is sports, volunteering, working...go out and do something great for yourself, your family, community – locally or globally. There is so much to do and be a part of.”

The University of Nebraska High School is part of University of Nebraska Online, the University’s collaborative distance education initiative focused on providing greater access for more students to the high-quality courses and programs offered online by the four campuses of the University system. By coordinating efforts among the campuses, the University of Nebraska offers more than 125 degree, certificate, and endorsement programs in 16 subject areas, including certificate, bachelor, master’s and doctoral programs.