Atticus, alpine ski racer, UNHS student
Atticus, alpine ski racer, UNHS student

The Sanders family moved to Wyoming 25 years ago to pursue a love of skiing. That love, shared by UNHS student Atticus Sanders, has grown for the teen athlete into a deep appreciation of other extreme outdoor sports such as ski mountaineering, whitewater kayaking, and downhill mountain biking. 

But alpine ski racing is where Atticus really shines. In 2019, he was on a team representing the USA at an international championship competition in Canada. Atticus has also competed in the North American alpine race circuit many times.

Long hours on the hill, working out at the gym, and traveling make traditional schooling difficult for Atticus. This is where the University of Nebraska High School comes into focus. The flexibility and legitimacy of UNHS are key factors that influenced Atticus to join the school. 

"I enrolled in UNHS because I felt that it would be a credible form of online school. I also like the flexibility of the program."Atticus

As if skiing and his other extreme sports interests don’t keep Atticus busy enough, he has also found time to assist with the coaching of younger kids at both the Jackson Hole Kayak Club and the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club. Atticus has enjoyed sharing his expertise with the next generation to help foster their interest and knowledge of safety in these activities. 

Although balancing skiing (and all his extracurricular activities) with academics can be tricky, the versatility that UNHS offers through on-demand course access allows Atticus to create a schedule that works for his busy schedule. He tries to dedicate time each day to completing his course assignments.

Atticus credits his first ski coach for providing him with the most inspiration. His steady mentorship and belief in the importance of self-improvement, both athletically and personally, has stuck with Atticus to this day. This mental foundation of continually trying to better oneself across all aspects of life is a big motivator for Atticus.

Atticus would share with other students considering online schooling at UNHS that the experience is more satisfying and enriching than they might realize. UNHS courses are widely known for being high quality and respected and that has been a big draw for Atticus.

"I feel that the process of education is much more thorough. I highly recommend UNHS, as it offers an unparalleled online high school experience."Atticus

Atticus, now a senior, is setting his sights on college. He wants to continue his love of competitive skiing beyond high school, which makes the wide array of NCAA-approved courses at UNHS important for seeking initial NCAA eligibility. 

When he's not speeding down a snowy slope with controlled precision, Atticus enjoys navigating the rapids by whitewater kayaking in the summer. He also builds strength, endurance, and mental toughness by engaging in the demanding activity of ski mountaineering in the Teton mountains when time allows. But ski racing remains the primary passion which Atticus pursues year around.

Here at UNHS, we are thrilled to call Atticus a member of our school and we look forward to watching him grow in his career as a competitive ski racer! Best of luck wherever your journey takes you, Atticus!

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