Luke and Linsey, local siblings and UNHS students
Luke & Linsey, local siblings & UNHS students

Siblings Linsey and Luke Gividen were adopted from China at young ages and grew up in the small town of Tehachapi, California. Like most kids, they were enrolled in public schools. However, at the beginning of high school their family made the move to Lincoln, Neb. and they entered private schooling. This marked a big change, and not one that was the perfect fit for them.

Luke realized he could graduate a year early if he was able to add a few extra courses to his schedule. After searching the web, he came across the University of Nebraska High School and soon after decided to enroll. During the summer of 2020 he completed several UNHS courses and appreciated the path to early graduation this offered him.

Linsey, uncomfortable with private school, also decided to enroll with the University of Nebraska High School and found she enjoyed learning online so much more than the private or public schools she had attended in the past. Soon after, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and UNHS wasn’t just a preference – it was in many ways a necessity for Linsey, Luke and other students across the globe.

"I love the flexible schedule which allowed me to work full-time and balance with the things I love."Linsey

The flexibility of UNHS allowed Linsey to not only do better in school, but also pursue other interests outside of school. UNHS gave her the ability to work full-time at a local coffee house, Bagels & Joe. In addition to this, Linsey enjoys playing video games with friends online and honing her photography and editing skills.

Luke has also enjoyed his time at UNHS, and has taken a variety of core and AP® courses in order to graduate high school in three years instead of four. Able to design his own schedule, Luke says the flexibility of UNHS coursework has been helpful in completing his goals.

"I like the ability to focus on one or two subjects at a time. When those are completed, I move on to another one or two subjects."Luke

While both Linsey and Luke recognize that online school takes a lot of hard work and discipline, it has worked well for them and allowed each to forge their own paths. After graduating this May, they both have their sights set on the future. Linsey plans to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and focus on marketing. Meanwhile, Luke has been accepted into the Nursing Program at the Bryan College of Health Sciences in Lincoln this coming fall.

Congrats to soon-to-be graduates, Luke and Linsey – best wishes from everyone here at UNHS!

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