In today’s society students need to begin developing employment skills when they are in high school.

They should focus on:


Many of these characteristics can be gained through successful completion of University of Nebraska High School courses.


In this article, we will focus on multi-lingual skills.


Many careers require intercultural or international components, which means speaking multiple languages can set you apart from other possible employees. Whether you’re in the U.S. or abroad, knowing a second language adds value to many careers including:


  • Law enforcement
  • Information technology
  • Transportation
  • Politics and government
  • Health care
  • Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Many more


Check out this Career article to learn the influence a second language can have on your future career.


According to the National Council of State Supervisors for Languages, some of the other benefits of language training include:


  • Higher order, abstract and creative thinking
  • Enriches and enhances cognitive development
  • Helps students score higher on standardized tests
  • Promotes cultural awareness and competency


Many colleges require two years of the same language training for admissions, but check the colleges you are interested in because some prefer three years. No matter what, taking a third or fourth year will strengthen college applications and may increase your scholarship opportunities. A third and fourth year will also get you closer to fluency in a language, and we suggest continuing your training in college for this reason as well.


When it comes to learning a language, practice is imperative. You must speak, read and write it often. Finding an online community, pen pal or cultural organization are some options to interact with others.


UNHS is proud to offer two years of Latin, four years of Spanish and five years of French thanks to the recently added AP French Language and Culture course. We will also be releasing First Year Chinese this summer.


If you are still deciding which language you would like to focus on in high school, a recent study discussed in a December 2014 Science Magazine article mapped how information flows around the world and identified “the best languages to spread your ideas far and wide.” This article shows how complicated language and the sharing of information can be, but it may also show you what language would help you fulfill your goals.


Keep in mind, however, that it isn’t just the language that matters, it is also important that you understand the culture of the language you choose. Knowing the customs will make you an even more trustworthy source when interacting with others.


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